Static server based on git-scm, git pages for intranet.

Tested on gitea for now.


Source Code


    npm run build
    node dist/gitage.js

Server Configuration

Config file: config (case-sensitive), should be put in the root path of gitage.


    # DEBUG flag
    DEBUG = false
    # ip to host
    HOST =
    # port to listen
    PORT = 1997
    # The path to put logs file, can be absolute or relative
    LOG_PATH = logs
    # The path to checkout repository, can be absolute or relative
    PROJECT_ROOT_PATH = projects
    # Log the messages which higher than this level
    LOG_LEVEL = info
    # The temporary  path to the checkout, leave it blank to use the system temp path

If no config file, the value above will be the default values.

Note: Configuration item name must be UPPERCASE

Repo Configuration

Add file gitage.config.json into your repo, in the form bellow:

      "type": "markdown",
      "path": "docs",
      "index": "index.html",
      "tag": true,
        "branch": "master",
        "ignore": [

Add web-hook on your repository:

POST The IP to serve 1997 The port to serve


gitage gitage